The 9 Best Range Hoods in 2021

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While not necessarily a must-have appliance in the kitchen, range hoods are often worth their weight in gold, especially for households that cook a lot. There are a few styles of range hoods that work in different ways, but they all serve to remove smoke, heat, odors, and other particles from the air over your gas stove or electric stove while you’re cooking. Many also have built-in lights, as well, helping to illuminate your workspace.

Most range hoods function in one of two ways: First, there are ducted models that channel the air to the exterior of your home, while duct-free units pass air through a filter to remove particles, then expel clean air back out into your kitchen. No matter your kitchen design or budget, there are many range hoods to choose from, and you’ll definitely be glad you have one if you accidentally burn your dinner.

What to Look For

When shopping for a range hood, you’ll first need to decide which style will work best in your home. Range hoods can be mounted to the wall or underneath cabinets, and there are also inserts that can be used with custom cabinetry. If you can’t fit a range hood over your stove, there are also down-draft options, which are positioned behind the cooktop.

The other major decision is whether you want a ducted or duct-free model. Ducted range hoods are more efficient, but not every home has the ductwork needed for installation. Alternatively, you can opt for a convertible range hood, which can be converted from ducted to ductless as needed.

Other important considerations include the unit’s CFM, or cubic feet per minute, which measures how much air it can suck up. You may also want to look at how loud the range hood is, as well as any special features it offers.

How We Selected

Because there are so many styles of range hoods available, we looked for the best options in each category, prioritizing products from trusted brands. We read dozens of reviews from past buyers, as well as professional testers, to figure out which models performed the best and were most reliable, and we also chose range hoods at a wide range of price points, ensuring everyone is able to find an option that works for their kitchen.

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Best Wall-Mounted

Winflo 30-Inch Convertible Wall Mount Range Hood



Key Specs
Hood Type: Convertible
• Common Width: 30 inches
• CFM: 350
• Noise Level: 5.5 sones

This Winflo Wall Mount Range Hood has a classic stainless steel design that will look stately in any kitchen, and it offers 350 CFM of power on the highest of its three speed settings. 

The convertible design can be used with either a duct system (it has a 6-inch round vent) or charcoal filters (sold separately) for air recirculation, and it has a telescoping chimney that ensures the unit will fit perfectly in your kitchen. The wall-mounted range hood has two soft white LED lights, and its mesh filters can be washed in the dishwasher for easy maintenance.

  • Good value
  • Telescoping chimney
  • Convertible design
  • Low CFM
  • Ductless filters not included


Best Under-Cabinet

Hauslane Chef Series 30-Inch PS18 Under-Cabinet Range Hood



Key Specs
Hood Type: Ducted
• Common Width: 30 or 36 inches
• CFM: 500

If you have a cabinet above your stove, you’re going to need a range hood like the Hauslane Chef Series Under Cabinet model. This unit comes in three finishes and two common sizes, and its ducted design fits underneath your kitchen cabinets. 

The range hood has six speed settings with a maximum of 500 CFM, and it comes with three vent options to fit most common ductwork styles. It has a button-free touchscreen control panel that’s easy to clean, as well as changeable LED lights, and its stainless steel filters can be washed in the dishwasher.

  • Six speed settings
  • Includes three vent options
  • Multiple finishes available


Best Insert

Home Beyond 36-Inch Ducted Insert Range Hood

Home Beyond


Key Specs
Hood Type: Ducted
• Common Width: 36 inches
• CFM: 600
• Noise Level: 7 sones

For those who are renovating a kitchen or have a built-in range hood, the Home Beyond Ducted Insert is designed to be used with custom cabinetry, giving your kitchen a seamless appearance. The insert is 36 inches wide, and it has a round duct connection at the top. It offers three speeds with a maximum of 600 CFM, and there are push-button controls on the bottom of the unit. The range hood’s baffle filter is dishwasher safe for easy maintenance, and there are two LED lights to help illuminate your stovetop as you cook.

  • Simple design
  • Powerful air flow
  • Requires custom cabinetry


Best Down-Draft

Broan NuTone 36-Inch Elite Ducted Down Draft Range Hood

Broan NuTone


Key Specs
Hood Type: Ducted
Common Width: 36 inches
CFM: 500
Noise Level: 1.8 sones

Some kitchens don’t have room above the stove for a traditional range hood, but the Broan NuTone 36-Inch Down Draft Range Hood is an alternative solution for ventilation. This ducted model is compatible with most conventional and commercial-style cooktops, and all its exposed components have a classic stainless steel finish.

This down-draft range hood is extremely quiet during operation, yet it can still move up to 500 CFM of air. It has a rectangular duct shape, and the internal blower connection can be ducted to the left, right or downward, depending on the configuration of your kitchen.

  • Compatible with most cooktops
  • Adjustable blower connection
  • Extremely quiet


Best Ductless

Cosmo COS-668AS750 30-Inch Wall-Mount Range Hood



Key Specs
Hood Type: Convertible
• Common Width: 30 inches
• CFM: 380
• Noise Level: 65 dB

For homes without ductwork, a model like the Cosmo COS-668AS750 Range Hood can be converted into a ductless model, using replaceable carbon filters to remove smoke, odors, and other particles from the air in your kitchen. 

This unit is wall-mounted, and it delivers 380 CFM of suction on its highest setting. There are three fan speeds to choose from, as well as LED lights, and the soft-touch control panel is easy to operate. Plus, this product has a cool modern design that pairs glass with stainless steel to create an attractive curved hood.

  • Converts into ductless
  • Modern design
  • Carbon filters not included


Best Island

Winflo 30-Inch H103C Series Convertible Island Range Hood



Key Specs
Hood Type: Convertible
Common Width: 30 inches
CFM: 400
Noise Level: 5.5 sones

If your cooktop is located on an island, you’ll need a product such as the Winflo 30-Inch Island Range Hood, which is designed to hang from the ceiling in the center of your kitchen. 

This stainless steel range hood has an adjustable height that works with ceilings between 8 and 9 feet, and while it has a round vent to connect to ductwork, you also have the option to set it up as a ductless model with charcoal filters (sold separately). The hood has four LED lights and two fan speeds, which are controlled via rocker switches, and its stainless steel filters are dishwasher safe.

  • Convertible design
  • Adjustable height
  • Charcoal filters not included


Best Splurge

Fotile JQG9001 36-Inch Range Hood



Key Specs:
Hood Type: Ducted
• Common Width: 30 or 36 inches
• CFM: 1,000
• Noise Level: 54 dB

If you’re willing to spend top dollar for a range hood, the Fotile 36-Inch Range Hood is a worthwhile splurge. It has a unique side-draft design with a 90-degree baffle plate that automatically opens when the unit is turned on, and the unit’s angled form helps to channel smoke and fumes into the vent.

This range hood can be mounted to the wall or underneath your cabinets, and it comes in three classic finishes. It’s quiet during operation, despite its maximum air flow of 1,000 CFM, and it has a sleek touchscreen control that allows you to select between its three speed settings and operate its LED lights.

  • Sleek appearance
  • Unique baffle plate for more efficient extraction
  • Powerful air flow
  • Extremely expensive
  • Somewhat bulky


Best Budget

Broan-NuTone 413001 Ductless Range Hood



Key Specs
 Hood Type: Ductless
• Common Width: 21, 24, 30, or 36 inches

Not only is the Broan-NuTone 413001 Ductless Range Hood affordable, but it also comes in several sizes and colors to perfectly suit your kitchen. This budget-friendly range hood has a ductless design that’s easy to install, and it uses replaceable charcoal filters to remove grease, smoke, and oil from the air. It offers two speeds and an incandescent light, and the whole unit is made from rust-resistant materials for longevity.

  • Affordable
  • Many size/color options
  • Not as effective as ducted units
  • Light bulb not included


Most Powerful

ProLine 48-Inch Ducted Under Cabinet Range Hood

ProLine Range Hoods


Key Specs
Hood Type: Ducted
• Common Width: 48 inches
• CFM: 2,000
• Noise Level: 7 sones

Most range hoods offer air flow between 300 and 700 CFM, but if you want a unit that delivers unbeatable power, the ProLine Ducted Under Cabinet Range Hood delivers an impressive 2,000 CFM on its highest setting. 

This professional-grade range hood is 48 inches wide (larger than your average cooktop), and has four ventilation speeds. It’s designed to be installed under a cabinet, and when you purchase it, you must choose whether you want a top or rear/bottom vent. The unit has three LED lights that you can turn on via its touchscreen control panel, and its brushed stainless steel finish will look attractive in any kitchen.

  • Powerful
  • Sleek appearance
  • Extremely expensive
  • Larger than average

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